BIRNS 4010: Sirius
BIRNS 4010: Sirius
Diving + Life Support

BIRNS 4010: Sirius

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The BIRNS Sirius is a 16,000 lumen, 1Kw heavy-duty, general-purpose floodlight. It can operate in air, in the splash zone and underwater up to 150m.


16,000 lumens

Incredible 1kW brilliance

Choice of 3 interchangeable beam angles—narrow spot to wide angle

Amphibious usage

Instant ON/OFF

Ballast-free operation


Lamp type: Tungsten-halogen PAR 64, prong base GX16D

Bulb Designation: PAR-64, 203 mm (8.0 inch) nominal diameter

Max. Overall Length : 15.3 cm (6 in)

Filament type: CC-6

Start time: <1 second to 95% of peak output

Restart time: <1 second to 95% of peak output on power reapplication after interruption of any duration


Ideal for search and rescue, military, homeland security, hyperbaric welding, oil platform and dock lighting applications – capable of shining brilliantly through pounding waves and deep beneath the surface.

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