BIRNS: General-Area Chamber Light W/CONNECTOR
BIRNS: General-Area Chamber Light W/CONNECTOR
Diving + Life Support

BIRNS: General-Area Chamber Light W/CONNECTOR


Unique Group offers the BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light™ that features a connectorised format, accepting the same power cable assembly as the BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light. It provides perfect general-area illumination inside pressurised chambers. Its superior thermal design permits use of higher-output lamps, so it can be tailored to provide even more chamber illumination.


Brilliant white light illumination

Options of mounting on practically any ceiling or wall

Superior thermal design

Helium release valve

Complete Safety: Case ground (earth)


Height: 109 mm (4.3 in.); Diameter of body: Ø81 mm (Ø3.2 in.); Diameter of base: Ø122 mm (Ø4.8 in.)

Mounting holes: 2 x Ø6.1 mm (Ø.24 in.) holes on Ø97 mm (Ø3.82 in.) bolt circle

Weight in Air: 544 g (1.2 lb)

Lamp Type: LED (15 High Output LED elements)

Time To Full Brightness: <1 second after application of power


Delivers white light illumination inside pressurised chambers including submersibles, diving bells and a wide range of decompression and hyperbaric chambers.

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