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BIRNS 3011: VTX™ Line-Loss Compensator

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The BIRNS VTX is a unique Line-Loss Compensator System that automatically compensates for voltage line-loss over long cables. It includes an illuminated ON/OFF circuit breaker switch and GFCI, in UL-approved dielectric housing.


Engineered for doubly-safe performance

Incorporates a ground-fault circuit interrupter and a dual-line circuit breaker for the ultimate in diver safety and product performance

Compensates for voltage line-loss


Effective with any length of cable


Voltage: 120 V AC

Output: Provides steady, accurate power to any 12 or 24 volt light

Cable: Up to 150 metres

Circuit breaker switch: Illuminated ON/OFF and GFCI

Housing: UL-approved dielectric housing


For use with BIRNS low-voltage lights

Wide range of commercial diving and air/SAT support application

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