BIRNS 5651: XT120
BIRNS 5651: XT120
Diving + Life Support

BIRNS 5651: XT120

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The BIRNS XT120 is an underwater directional light that provides brilliant illumination for vehicle and camera work. It is powerful, rugged, and low profile (Ø76mm) and operates at 120 or 240 VAC or VDC. It comes complete with mounting yoke assembly and choice of lamp and lens. It can be mated to CEF3S power cable assembly. You can choose from 100W, 150W, or 250W lamps.


Voltage flexibility: 120 or 240 VAC or VDC

Small size (Ø76mm / Ø3.0″ OD)

680m depth rating

The BIRNS XT120 has fast, easy, and wire-free maintenance

30-second tool-free relamping

3000K brilliant white light

Tungsten-halogen, commercially-available lamps


Lamp Type: Incandescent Tungsten-Halogen

Time To Full Brightness: <1 second after application of power

Operating Position: Universal (i.e. any position)

Rated Average Lifetime: 2,000 hours (250w lamp)

Dimming Range: 0-100%

Light Output: 5,000 initial lumens (250w lamp)

Correlated Colour Temp.: 3000K, depending on installed lamp





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