Analox ADM Aspida: Combined O2/CO2 Analyser
Analox ADM Aspida: Combined O2/CO2 Analyser
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Analox ADM Aspida: Combined O2/CO2 Analyser


Unique Group offers the Analox ADM Aspida Combined O2/CO2 Analyser, a panel-mount monitor that is IMCA compliant and offers readings for both oxygen and carbon dioxide.
The ADM Aspida offers users a cost effective means of measuring these two gases within surface supplied diving operations, whilst being easy to install and maintain.


Cost-effective andIMCA compliant analyzer.

Operator maintained ensures minimal downtime and reduced running & maintenance costs.

IP65 rated, ensuring the unit is dust tight and protected against water.

Supplied with datalogging function as standard, assisting users in keeping records.


L x W x H: 127 mm x 44 mm x 90 mm.

Operating temperature: -5 to 50 degrees C.

Operating Pressure: Atmospheric Pressure.

Sensor range: 0.01-5% (CO2), 0.1-25% (O2).

Display: High-visibility, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED).


The ADM Aspida is used in diving applications including:

As a chamber panel monitor

In dive-control systems

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