Analox HYP: Portable PPO2 Meter
Analox HYP: Portable PPO2 Meter
Diving + Life Support

Analox HYP: Portable PPO2 Meter


Classification bodies and industry guidelines within the diving market require each hyperbaric chamber to have a means of providing independent oxygen (O2) monitoring in the event of the primary monitor failing. Unique Group offers the HYP which is a portable PPO2 monitor capable of helping you to achieve such guidelines.


Compact in size making it ideal for confined space use.

Fitted with a reliable PPO2 sensor, proven and tested within the hyperbaric environment.

Large LCD display making readings easy to view.


Length x Depth x Width: 98mm x 36mm x 64mm, Weight: 200g

Range: 0.00 to 2.00bar ppO2

Sensor response: <15 secs to T90

Power: 9V Alkaline (PP3)

Battery life: 1 month (800 hrs) continuous operation or 3 months operation for 8 hrs / day


Suitable for use in diving bells, hyperbaric chambers, lifeboats and submarines.

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