Analox Hyper-Gas MKII: Hydrocarbon/He/O2 Monitor
Analox Hyper-Gas MKII: Hydrocarbon/He/O2 Monitor
Diving + Life Support

Analox Hyper-Gas MKII: Hydrocarbon/He/O2 Monitor


Unique Group offers this purpose-designed hydrocarbon gas analyser for use in hyperbaric environments. The monitor rapidly detects the presence of vapourised hydrocarbons, and activates the audible and visual alarms before the anaesthetic threshold is reached. It operates to depths of up to 587m (1926ft.) and automatically corrects pressure and temperature effects ensuring optimum performance in this difficult environment.


Compact Bell monitor (which houses the manifold)

Topside repeater

Large, bright full color display

Calibration and sensor replacement reminders

Audible and visual alarms


Length x Width × Height: 200mm x 100mm x215mm, Weight: 2.5 kg

Compensated Temp: 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)

Storage Temp: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)

Humidity: 0 – 95% RH non-condensing

Operating Range: Hydrocarbon, eg 0 – 30%


Mandated for use in Saturation Diving Bells within the oil & gas sector

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