Analox SDA: CO2 Monitors
Analox SDA: CO2 Monitors
Diving + Life Support

Analox SDA: CO2 Monitors


Unique Group offers the Analox SDA CO2 monitor which provides a full-colour display and can be used alongside a digital sensor like the 5S Mk3 to maintain a comfortable and safe saturation diving chamber.


The SDA carbon dioxide (CO2) provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs.

Interfaces with state-of-the-art digital 5S Mk3 sensor.

Fully retrofittable as a direct replacement.

Highly accurate and compliant with DNV, IMCA, Lloyds, ABS, and ADCi requirements/guidelines.


Panel Mount: Depth x Width x Height: 235 mm x 240 mm x 133 mm

Rack Mount: Depth x Width x Height: 235 mm x 212 mm x 129 mm

Weight: 2.0 kg

Sensor Range: 0-5000 PPM, 0-2%

Sensor Accuracy:

0-5000 PPM

±25 PPM CO2 ±1% of reading

0-2%, ±2% of reading ±0.02%


Ideal for hyperbaric and commercial diving industries

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