Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro: Calibration Kit
Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro: Calibration Kit
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Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro: Calibration Kit


Unique Group provides the Buckleys BathyCorrometer® Pro – Calibration Kit, which is an effective solution to provide all the necessary components to enable customers to verify the accuracy of the readings on the Buckleys or Roxby BathyCorrometer so that ‘in-house’ calibration certificates can be issued.


The process requires two areas to be checked. The electronics should be tested using the BCM Checker.

Readings on the BathyCorrometer® should be 0.000 with the CalChecker switched off and 1.990 with it switched on.

Reliable device which is easy to use.


CalChecker Pro power supply: 9 volt battery (PP3)

CalChecker Pro battery type: Alkaline MN1604

CalChecker Pro output voltage: 1.990 Volts

CalChecker Pro accuracy: +/- 0.01%

CalChecker Pro temperature coeff: 30ppm/°C


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Marine inspection

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