Impact Subsea: Flooded Member Detection System
Impact Subsea: Flooded Member Detection System
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Impact Subsea: Flooded Member Detection System

Unique Group in partnership with Impact Subsea offers underwater FMD (Flood Member Detection System), a significant advancement in flooded member detection providing a new level of clarity in non-destructive testing for the presence of water in underwater structures.


Software to visualise all readings and generate a survey report.

Highly robust and long lasting titanium probe.

Integrated AHRS for understanding exact orientation of the probe at a time of contact reading.

Multi-Echo output to visualise return if flooded member detected.

Available for ROV & Diver deployment.


Frequency: 500 kHz Standard (400 to 600kHz Selectable)

Range: 0.1 to 120 m (Maximum range dependant on member type)

Digital: RS232 & RS485

Protocol: 300 to 115,200 baud

Weight: (air /fresh Water): 0.5/0.325kg (Titanium)


Used in survey and auditing of floods in underwater structures with the depth check mechanism.

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