MetOcean iSPHERE: Buoy
MetOcean iSPHERE: Buoy
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MetOcean iSPHERE: Buoy


The iSPHERE is an expendable, low cost, bi-directional spherical drifting buoy.The buoy was designed specifically to track and monitor oil spill incidents. The iSPHERE drifter also provides the user with essential real-time sea surface temperature data and GPS positional data.


Oil spill and current tracking buoy

Bi-directional communication

Low cost telemetry solution

The standard operating life of the buoy is approximately 6-12 months.

Can be deployed from a vessel or an oil platform


Diameter: 13.40 inches (340 mm)

Mass (in air): 13.15 kg (29 lbs.)

Operating Life: 6-12 months

Data transmission: Iridium® (bi-directional)

Operational temperature: -2° C to 35° C


Monitoring oil spills

Oceanographic scientific research

Ocean freight industry

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