MetOcean STOKES: Drifter Buoy
MetOcean STOKES: Drifter Buoy
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MetOcean STOKES: Drifter Buoy


The STOKES Iridium drifter is a revolutionary compact drifting buoy that tracks water currents at the surface. The small lightweight buoy is equipped with Iridium satellite telemetry, GPS positioning, and a sea surface temperature sensor. Iridium satellite telemetry enables the buoy to provide vital sensor and geo-positional location data in real-time.



Low profile surface tracker

Real-time and bi-directional data via Iridium satellite

The buoy is also geo-alarm capable.


Outer Diameter: 24 cm

Height: 4 cm

Weight: 920g

Shelf Life: 5-year shelf life

Battery: 10 AA batteries

Bluetooth: BLE 5.0

Satellite: Iridium SBD


Mapping large-scale ocean currents

Spill monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Aiding in search and rescue operations.

Real-time tracking of biomaterials and plastics in open water (salt & fresh)

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