Romica DS32: Towing Electric Winch (7.5kW)
Romica DS32: Towing Electric Winch (7.5kW)
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Romica DS32: Towing Electric Winch (7.5kW)

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The Romica DS32 is a three-phase winch with many high specification features. It has a 7.5kW electrical inverter drive that provides fine control required for back deck launch and recovery operations, but with the power and speed required for critical towing operations.


Electric auto pulse spooling system

Small footprint

Easy mobilisation

Supports a wide range of payloads



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Weight without cable (Kg): 730

Cable diameter (mm): 8.18

Capacity (m): 1200

Line speed (m/min): 60

Winch Electrical Motor: 7.5 Kw IP56 IE3


Recovery operations

Critical towing operations

Used with many of the requested geophysical towed systems such as side-scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and gradiometer systems

Perform sampling and CTD deployment

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