Okeanus: Electro Hydraulic Winch (7.5kW)
Okeanus: Electro Hydraulic Winch (7.5kW)
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Okeanus: Electro Hydraulic Winch (7.5kW)


The Okeanus 210 is a 7.5kW (10 HP) three-phase winch available from our Houston office. The model 210EHLWR winch is a rugged, general purpose oceanographic winch. Except for having to supply “outside power” to the electric motor, the unit is self-contained.

The DT model 210EHLWR is equipped with a hydroactive type level wind system. This system is an automatic hydraulically operated device that is guided by the cable angle of incidence on the
drum, and is independent of the cable diameter or side loads. Due to the use of high strength screw and of a hydraulic motor driving the screw, it is possible to achieve high side loads without wear on the essential parts of the system. This ability to tolerate heavy side loads allows the winch to be positioned in a convenient location on the deck without affecting proper operations.


spooling system

Small footprint

Easy mobilisation

Supports a wide range of payloads



Cable diameter (mm): 8.18

Capacity (m): 1400m

Line speed (m/min): 60

Winch Electrical Motor: 3 Phase 7.5 Kw  230/460V


Recovery operations

Critical towing operations

Used with many of the requested geophysical towed systems such as side-scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and gradiometer systems

Perform sampling and CTD deployment

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