UG Magnetometer Soft Tow Cable
UG Magnetometer Soft Tow Cable
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UG Magnetometer Soft Tow Cable

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This cable has been used with our Geometrics G881 and G882 magnetometers for 20+ years. The cable consists of two power conductors of 2.5 mm² and two twisted pairs, each conductor  0.5mm²,  a    Kevlar braided strain member rated breaking strength of 750kg, and an overall polyurethane  jacket giving an outside diameter of 11.5mm



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2 x 2.5mm² power conductors

4 x 0.5 mm² Copper Conductors (2 x twisted pairs)

Jacket: Green Polyurethane (PU)

Outer diameter :        approx. 11.5mm

Weight in air :              approx. 144 kg/km

Weight in seawater:  approx. 39 kg/km

Minimum breaking strain:   750kg

Minimum recommended bend radius:   Static 91mm, Dynamic 120mm


The cable is suitable for use with Geometrics G882 Magnetometer

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