UG SBDH-400: Standby Divers’ Heater
UG SBDH-400: Standby Divers’ Heater
Diving + Life Support

UG SBDH-400: Standby Divers’ Heater

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Unique Group offers a reliable and robust designed SBDH-400 Standby Divers’ Heater, a lucrative Standby Divers Heater, aids in providing backup hot water supply.


Sea water temperature is manually controlled and adjustable to within 0.5°C

Equipped with over temperature safety cut-outs and mechanical inlet water regulators for ship water supply pressure variances

IP65 rated and comes complete with a weatherproof cover and lifting slings

Safety devices in place as ASME VIII and IMCA


Heating Capacity: 12kW (2 off 6kW elements)

L*W*H: 1360*775*1660

Weight: 600kg

Power Requirements: 20kW max, 440V, 60hZ, 32A

Water Delivery Rate: 50lpm at 60Hz


Suitable for marine experts/survey for storing the hot water

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