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ERS 350 Mag Environmental Regeneration System

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  • ERS 350 Mag Environmental Regeneration System
ERS 350 Mag Environmental Regeneration System

The ERS 350 Mag is a quiet, reliable and multi-configurable external gas regeneration system for Saturation Diving. The unit consists of a robust frame/skid, located within an ergonomic cabinet with access hatches. The ERS350 Mag is designed to circulate gas from inside the chamber environment and through a scrubber. The unit also controls the humidity by the condensation of water vapour, and provides heating and cooling to the chamber environment which is achieved via a heat exchanger and a cooling heat exchanger (hot and cold water sourced separately and not part of the regeneration system). The ERS 350 Mag features a hermetically sealed high efficiency, low maintenance blower. The blower motor lies external of the pressure system and drives the blower via a magnetic coupling. This ensures the chamber gas is not exposed to the heat expelled from the motor. A local user control-centre in the form of a touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) is conveniently positioned for easy access on the cabinet. The interface can be easily integrated with other remote monitoring and/or control devices (eg. HMI, SCADA) where required. The operator is able to easily view the following typical parameters:

  • Chamber Environment Temperature and Humidity
  • Regen Blower Speed
  • Regen Inlet and Outlet Gas Temperature and Pressure
  • Hot and Cold Water Inlet Pressure and Outlet Temperature

A local audio and visual alarm (with error pop up message) would be triggered in the event that any of the process parameters are exceeded.


  • Length: 2075mm
  • Width : 1360mm
  • Height : 2050mm
  • Mass: +/- 1700 kg
  • Lifting: 4 removable eye-bolts
  • Construction:
    • Pressure Vessels-Carbon Steel, coated with Marine Grade 2 Part Epoxy Paint
    • Sealing and Wear surfaces-S/S Piping (304 S/S, coated with Marine Grade 2 Part Epoxy Paint)
  • Class Approved: DNV / ABS
  • Max. Working Pressure: 300MSW / 30.3 bar (g)
  • PV Design Code: ASME VIII Div 1 (U-Stamped)
  • Design Temp.: 5°C to 50°C (ambient for ERS)
  • Cooling Capacity: 10.5kW
  • Heating Capacity: 10.5kW
  • Max. Chamber Occupants: 6
  • Intended Chamber Habitat: 
    • Temp. 23-31°C
    • Temp. Control +/1°C
    • Relative Humidity 50-80%
    • Relative Humidity Control +/-5%
  • Co2 Scrubber Canister Volume: 24 Ltr
  • Chamber Circulation Flow Rate: Controllable up to 150m3/h
  • Min Cooling Water Flow Rate: 40 lpm at max. temp. of 5°C
  • Min Heating Water Flow Rate: 40 lpm at min temp. of 60°C
  • Power Requirement: 4kW @ 400V/50Hz or 440V/60Hz; 3 Phase+Earth


Order Detail:

ERS 350 Mag Environmental Regeneration System D-EC-125
ERS 350 Mag Control Rack D-EC-125-02
Temperature and Humidity Sensor (one required per controlled lock) D-EC-122-03
Can be supplied as ABS or DNV Certified. Please specify on order placement.


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