Diving & Life Support

DRS-100B, Diver Recall / Hydrophone

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The specifications for this product are as follows:

Length x Width x Height 356mm x 270mm x 165mm
Weight in Air 6.8kg
Nominal Range 91m voice, 274m tone
Frequency Response 500 - 4,000Hz
Input Current/Voltage 7 amps maximum/24VDC
Audio Power - Recall & Tone Voice, adjustable up to 132 Watts
Idle Current 75Ma
Microphone Handheld, PTT
Transducer Lubell (anodized aluminum)
Battery Type/Life 2 x 12V 2.6 amp-hours (RB-30)
5 hours at 20% duty cycle (recall/tone). 3 hrs. when using Aux. Input
Low Battery Alarm LED flashes at approximately 20V