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Surface Accessory Kit SSB

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  • Surface Accessory Kit SSB
Surface Accessory Kit SSB

The specifications are as follows:

Length: 90mm
Width: 46mm
Height: 195mm
Nominal Range:
Calm sea: Greater than 1000m
Sea State 6: 100m
Frequency Range: 31kHz - 33kHz
Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz - 4,000Hz
Automatic Gain Control: 120 dB dynamic range
Acoustic Output Power: 3 Watt (174.2 dB re 1 uPA at 1m)
Microphone/Speaker: Voice operated (VOX) or manual activation (PTT)
Transducer: Piezoelectric type
Battery Type and Life: 8 AA Alkaline: 12 hours (10% duty cycle)
RB-10A Nickel Cadium: 6 hours
NiMH.: 13 hours
Low Battery Indicator: Red LED on upper housing
Receiver Sensitivity: -110 dBv
1=32.768kHz upper sideband
2=32.768kHz lower sideband
3=31.250kHz upper sideband
4=31.250kHz lower sideband

Order Detail:

Surface accessory kit - SSB D-C-496


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