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Teledyne TSS-350 Cable Tracker 

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  • Teledyne TSS-350 Cable Tracker 
Teledyne TSS-350 Cable Tracker 
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There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables  beneath our oceans. Commercial, legal, operational and  environmental considerations, demand that these remain  in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to  verify location, condition, and burial status operations that  are complicated by the ever  changing seabed topography.

TSS is the world leader in developing and supplying  technologies to meet these demands. Having developed  the world’s first commercial pulse induction pipe and cable  survey system (TSS 340) in 1991, followed by the release  of the TSS 350 AC tone cable survey system, TSS has gone from strength to strength and become the industry  standard.

Key Features

Suitable for pipe and cable tracking, burial and survey  requirements.

Excellent detection and tracking performance.

Pulse induction technology allows autonomous operation.

AC tone detection mode for measurement at increased  burial depths.

System design facilitates quick and easy mobilisation.

Forward search mode for target location.