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TSC U31D Subsea ACFM

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  • TSC U31D Subsea ACFM
TSC U31D Subsea ACFM

TSC has pioneered the deployment of both Diver and Diverless underwater ACFM, so whether you need to deliver inspections using ROVs, mini ROVs, Crawlers or Divers we have the solution. TSC’s U31D Subsea ACFM range of underwater instruments has been developed to provide reliable Alternating Current Field Measurement inspection in harsh subsea environments. With a range of standard products covering depths to 300m. We have the technology and equipment needed to conduct Non-Destructive Testing surface crack detection underwater.

The TSC U31D instrument offers all the advantages of ACFM inspection in a small, light package designed specifically for ease of diver deployment.  Capable of inspecting up to 300m depth, the U31D  is ideal for inspection of jackets, pipelines and subsea structures.

Key Features

Rapid scanning using a hand held probe.

Reliable crack detection with accurate sizing length and depth.

Capable of operating up to depths of 300m.

Reduced cleaning requirements, no need to clean to bare metal.

Capable of inspecting corroded surfaces, or  through non-conducting coatings several millimetres thick.

Full data storage for back-up off-line view and audit purposes.

Access to a wide range of geometries using TSC’s range of active subsea probes.

Probes with embedded serial numbers to simplify operation and the reduce the likelihood of operator error.

ASSISTu™ software (Microsoft Windows®) for ease of operation and compatibility with other Windows applications.

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