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Analox O2EII, Pro- Portable Nitrox Checker

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The O2EII Pro is a portable nitrox analyser which is small, lightweight and rugged. It can easily be taken on all of your diving adventures. The O2EII Pro can be used to check the quality of your diving gas mix directly at the tank or through your BCD adaptor while in your harness.

Analyser Type: portable
Power: 9V PP3 battery x 1
Display: 4 digit LCD
Operating temp: -5oC to 50oC
Length x Width x Depth: 130mm x 70mm x 55mm
Weight: 225g
Accuracy: ±1% of reading, ±0.2% of O2
Expected Life: 4 to 5 years in air

Order Detail:

Analox O2EII Pro-Nitrox Checker D-GA-210
Replacement oxygen Sensor for O2EII D-GA-210-01


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