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Kongsberg OE 2800/1 Fluorescein Dye Detection System

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  • Kongsberg OE 2800/1 Fluorescein Dye Detection System
Kongsberg OE 2800/1 Fluorescein Dye Detection System

The Kongsberg Maritime Fluorescein Dye detection package is based on the highly successful OE14-366 ROV zoom inspection camera and the OE11-135 underwater floodlight. Modification of the colour temperature output of the lamp allows fluorescein dye to fluoresce when illuminated. Modification of the light wavelength response of the camera allows the camera to only detect the wavelength of light corresponding to the dye fluorescence. This system allows for easy detection of leaks during integrity testing.

The system is supplied with a baseplate to ensure that convergence of the lamp beam and camera field of view occurs at around 2 metres. This innovative solution to leak detection offers significant improvements in detection speed and operational costs.  A variation of the system for diver use is also available

Key Features

Leak Detection.

Cost Effective.

Rapid Deployment

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