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Applanix POS MV™ 320 and Wave Master: Inertial Navigation System

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The POS MV 320 and the POS MV WaveMaster are all tightly coupled systems using Applanix unique approach to Inertially Aided, Real Time Kinematic (IARTK) technology. The user friendly turnkey systems provide accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data representing the latest in state-of-the-art inertial/GPS technology.


Exceptional performance under all dynamic conditions.

Provides almost instantaneous reacquisition of RTK following GPS signal loss.

Titanium IP68 waterproof housing allows mounting at multibeam or USBL transducer head.

Maintains heading accuracy in a high multipath environment and in areas of poor GPS availability.

Automatic initialization upon power-up, following a one-time calibration.


Rack Mount PCS: L – 442mm, W – 356mm, H – 46mm

GNSS antenna weight: 0.45 kg


Georeferencing solution for hydrographic survey

Seafloor mapping

Harbour mapping

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