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Hydro-Lek HLK-4600: Camera Boom Arm

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The HLK4600 Camera Boom Arm has been designed for pipeline inspection work. Using a pair of these arms, pipelines of up to 36? can be easily inspected. Its unique design allows the camera mount to stay at the same angle through the entire 120? of angular movement of the arm.


Compact in design

Designed for inspection of pipelines up to 1 metre

Camera position stable throughout entire 120? angular movement of arm

Industry standard for work class and small ROVs


Dimensions: Overall length of arm 1625mm, Overall height 310mm, Overall width 120mm

Weight in air/water: 27/22 kg

Movement range: Up / Down 70-0-50?, Left / Right 90-0-30?, Camera Pan / Tilt 360? / 120?

Construction: 316 SS, HE 30 Hard Anodised Aluminium, Polyethylene


Pipeline inspection work

Work class and small ROVs

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