Hydro-Lek HLK-HD5: 5-Function HD Manipulator
Hydro-Lek HLK-HD5: 5-Function HD Manipulator
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Hydro-Lek HLK-HD5: 5-Function HD Manipulator


The Hydro-Lek HD5 is a rugged work class arm for the smaller ROV, this arm is constructed from 316 SS, HE30 Aluminium and High Density Polyethylene. It incorporates the HLK-2020 Continuous Jaw Rotate Assembly and three HLK-1300 Cylinders. The arm is capable of lifting over 50 Kg at a full reach of 800mm. ROV’s fitted include SAAB ROV Seaeye Panther-XT.


5 degrees of freedom manipulator

Excellent dexterity and articulation

Lightweight, weighs only 21.5 Kg

Lift of 40 Kg at full reach

Port or starboard mounting configuration on the slew plate


Dimensions: Length of arm 819 mm, Length of slew 280 mm, Height 145 mm, Width 380mm (folded)

Weight in air/water: 21.5 /16.5 kg

Construction: 316 SS Epoxy hard coated, HE 30 Hard anodised aluminium, High Density Polyethylene

Ports: 1/8 NPT – 7/16 SAE


Jetting and brushing operations

Debris clearance

Valve turning and bolt torquing

Rope cutting and cable repair

Biological and geological sampling

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