Tritech Super ZipJet: ROV Dredge Pump
Tritech Super ZipJet: ROV Dredge Pump
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Tritech Super ZipJet: ROV Dredge Pump


The Super ZipJet incorporates many technical advances over the previous generation of ROV suction and jetting systems. Considerable emphasis has been placed on increasing efficiency in both the suction and jetting modes.


Robust and compact design

Will not block or jam

Easy in-field maintenance

ROV mounting system

Modular pump core


Pressure: 150 to 220 Bar (2200 to 3200 psi)

Flow: 40 to 60 litres per minute (11 to 16 USgpm)

Minimum pressure: 110 Bar (1595 psi)

Maximum pressure: 240 Bar (3480 psi)

Motor A & B No. :12 JIC male


Work-class ROVs

Break up of seabed muds and sands

Removal of drill cuttings

Marine archaeology

Salvage operations

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