Tugdock: Floating Dry Dock
Tugdock: Floating Dry Dock
Buoyancy + Water Weights

Tugdock: Floating Dry Dock

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Unique Group has entered a partnership with UK-based floating dry dock innovators Tugdock. We provide our Unique Group buoyancy bags, previously called Seaflex, which are integral to each Tugdock system, whilst also marketing the product internationally through our global network. The Tugdock product line comes in sizes ranging from 12m x 12m up to 100m x 100m with a total lift capacity up to 15,000 tonnes, and is able to lift vessels and other floating structures clear of the water at a fraction of the cost of standard dry docks.


Less cost to buy, less cost to operate and far simpler to use than any present drydock system.

Transportable in shipping containers for cost effective global delivery.

Frames are connected together to provide a variety of deck sizes.

Quick and easy to assemble and commission.

Lifts out of the water with optional jacking spud legs for service and maintenance.

Stability during the lift is provided with pontoons or jack up system

Enables installation of airbags into road-transportable steel frames.


Designed according to DNV/GL Rules for Floating Drydocks

Classification compliant with intact stability codes for dry docks and structures


Lifting of vessels and other floating structures

Port infrastructure support solutions for the offshore wind sector

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