UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)
UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)
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UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)

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Unique Group offers the 50 Ohm soft tow cable, a single RG58 coaxial cable with Vectran strength member that can be used with the latest digital systems such as Edgetech 4200, 4205, 4215i and other digital side scan sonars.


  • Vectran braiding Breaking Strain:   800kg
  • RG58 Coaxial conductors
  • Outer Diameter:                                     11mm
  • Weight in Air:                                           124kg/km
  • Weight in Water:                                     27kg/km
  • Static Bend Radius:                               70mm
  • Dynamic Bend Radius:                        110mm



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Independence: 50 Ohms

Max. Current: 6 Amps

Max. Voltage: 600 Volts

Mechanical Characteristics: 800kg break load

Minimum Bend Radius: 140m


Used to conduct low-amplitude voltage signals because of its excellent ability to shield the signals from external interference

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