UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)
UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)
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UG: Soft Tow Cable (50 Ohm)

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Unique Group offers the 50 Ohm soft tow cable, a single RG58 coaxial cable that can be used with the latest digital systems such as Edgetech 4200, 4205, 4215i and different side scan sonars.


Available in 200m length with an overall diameter of 11m

The conductor (1 x 22awg Single) is made up of dielectric Polyethene

The outside diameter is nominal 2.84mm and the wall thickness is nominal 1.02mm

The stranding quotient is 19/34


Independence: 50 Ohms

Max. Current: 6 Amps

Max. Voltage: 600 Volts

Mechanical Characteristics: 800kg break load

Minimum Bend Radius: 140m


Used to conduct low-amplitude voltage signals because of its excellent ability to shield the signals from external interference

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