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YSI 6600 V2 Sonde: Multiparameter Monitoring

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The YSI 6600 Multi Parameter V2 Sonde offers the most comprehensive water quality monitoring package available with simultaneous measurement of: conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth, pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen (using the ROX™ optical DO sensor), and turbidity. Chlorophyll, and blue green algae are available upon demand.


Self cleaning optical sensors.

Field-replaceable sensors

Built-in battery compartment for long-term in situ monitoring

Anti-fouling wiper control for improved reliability during extended deployments

Self recording or direct reading.


Conductivity range: 0 to 100 mS/cm

Salinity range: 0 to 70 ppt

Temperature range: -5 to +60°C

ORP range: -999 to +999 mV

Salinity resolution: 0.01 ppt


Marine research

Environmental surveyors

Educational projects

Water quality research

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