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SP-100D, Surface Buddy Phone

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  •  SP-100D, Surface Buddy Phone
SP-100D, Surface Buddy Phone

The specifications are as follows:

Length: 230mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 90mm
Nominal Range: 50m - 500m depending on sea conditions and noise levels
Reference Frequency: 32.768kHz upper single sideband
Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz - 3000Hz
Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 100 dB
Transmitter / Audio Output: ½ Watt (Transmitter), ½ Watt (Speaker)
Microphone: Hand-Held, Push-To-Talk, dynamic, 500 ohm. impedance
Transducer: Encapsulated ceramic attached to a 35ft cable with connectors
Receiver Sensitivity: Greater than 100 dBv
Squelch: Digital, using human voice recognition
Battery Type / Life:
8 AA Alkaline batteries: 10 hours
16 AA Alkaline batteries: 20 hours (nominal)
Low Battery Alarm: 1 beep every 60 sec when battery level is below 7V
Record-Out: Line level via panel RCA jack
External Power: 12V, DC at minimum of 1 amp.
access via front panel mini
double banana plug

Compatible With:

XT-100-H Buddy Phone
MKII-BUD/S Buddy Phone D2
RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone
SCU-BUD/S Buddy Phone
STX-101 Aquacom
OR-BUD/S Buddy Phone
SSB-2010 Aquacom
TEC-BUD/S Buddy Phone
SSB-2000/1 Aquacom
STX-100 Buddy Phone

Order Detail:

Buddy Phone, 2 Channel Surface Station D-C-508
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