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Full Face Ocean Reef Space Mask

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  • Full Face Ocean Reef Space Mask
Full Face Ocean Reef Space Mask

The mask is CE Certified in accordance with directive 89/689/EEC under UNI EN250 for underwater activities including low temperatures. It has a reduced internal volume and therefore low positive buoyancy. The visible light transfer of the visor at 92% delivers an improved visual field. Firm mask positioning and quick mask donning and doffing is made possible by the six strap head harness with low elasticity and FRB (Fast Rotating Buckle). It features a 30-45mm premium grade silicone rubber bellows-type skirt. The mask can be used with a communication unit and various Neptune System Accessories.


  • Integrated Balanced Regulator
  • Durable, scratch-resistant visor
  • Patented 3-D equalization system
  • Quick release system
  • Integrated surface air valve
Order Detail:  
Diver FF Mask NEPTUNE SPACE IRON - Contaminated Water diving D-PD-334
Diver FF Mask, Oceon Reef, Predator, S/Steel Adjustment  D-PD-335
Diver FF Mask, Oceon Reef, Raptor, 02 clean, Black D-PD-336


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