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KMDSI Helmet KM 37 SS

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  • KMDSI Helmet KM 37 SS
KMDSI Helmet KM 37 SS

Kirby Morgan 37SS features an all Stainless Steel shell, as well as a Stainless Steel side block, helmet ring, bent tube, handle, and other key components. The SuperFlow 350 is standard on this helmet. The Kirby Morgan 37SS features a quick-change communications module, available with either bare wire posts or a waterproof connector, and allows for easy, efficient maintenance of the helmet's communications.


  • Rugged helmet shell and other components.
  • No refinishing required if the surface is scratched or gouged.
  • Elimination of threaded inserts for securing port retainer to helmet shell.
Order Details:  
KMDSI Helmet KM 37SS w/MWP Connector (500-101) D-PD-344


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