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Through-Waters Comms Surface Station

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  • Through-Waters Comms Surface Station
Through-Waters Comms Surface Station

Length: 356mm
Width: 270mm
Height: 165mm
Weight: 5.67kg (with batteries)
Housing: U/K 603
Nominal Range:
Calm seas: Greater than 1500m
Sea state 6: 200m
Frequency Range: 30kHz - 35kHz
Audio Bandwidth: 300Hz - 3500Hz
Automatic Gain Control: 120 dB dynamic range (AGC)
Acoustic Output Power: 5 Watts (nominal)
Microphone / Speaker: Hand-Held, dynamic, 200ohm. Heavy- Duty front panel speaker with On/Off control
Transducer: Piezoelectric type, 1.27m cable
External Power: 12V, DC at minimum of 4 amps
Battery Type and Life: 2 x 6V lantern batteries (Heavy-Duty with springs), 20 hours continuous use (10% duty cycle)
Squelch: User-adjustable from front panel
Receiver Sensitivity: Greater than 100 dBv
1 = 32.768kHz upper
2 = 32.768kHz lower
3 = 31.250kHz upper
4 = 31.250kHz lower

Order Detail:

Through-Waters Comms, Surface Station - 4 Channel D-C-472
Through-Waters Comms, Surface Station Rack Mount  - 4 Channel D-C-473


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