OTAQ DragonFish: Underwater Laser Measurement System
OTAQ DragonFish: Underwater Laser Measurement System
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OTAQ DragonFish: Underwater Laser Measurement System

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The DragonFish is a highly compact and rugged underwater laser measurement and profiling system with topside video and software analysis.


Laser Calliper laser measurement and profiling with video and software analysis

Harsh environment proven, reliable, compact and easy to use

Enables measurement up to 0.5mm accuracy

Does not require INS / positioning input from Survey

No offshore technician or data related post processing costs, can be operated with remote training which can be completed in 1 to 2 hours


Max range is 100-200mm

Accuracy is up to 0.5mm

Resolution is up to 0.3mm

Laser wavelength is 450nm

Laser power is 70mW


Any underwater task where highly accurate measurement and profiling is required

Provides sub millimetric point to point measurements and profiling of shapes, enabling diameter, circumference, radius, angle, distance.

Ideal for weld seams, mooring chains, depletion, integrity , impact damage

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