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Diving & Life Support

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Hyperbaric Rescue Facility

Hyperbaric Rescue Facility

The HRF chamber and life support package manufactured by Unique Hydra (UH) are a compact and well- engineered product, providing reliability and redundancy throughout all systems. Drawings provided are for information only; the written specification is to be used as conformance to client & third party requirements.

Depth Rating

The HRF chamber and support container is designed and built to ensure safe manned diving up to 300 meters sea water depth.


The equipment and structures are approved and certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The system also meets or exceeds the minimum requirements as given in the IMCA D024 Design guidelines for saturation systems. A full certification pack will be supplied in accordance with the above guidelines.


The system offered is configured in the following manner:

1 x Twinlock chamber with the lock named Lock I and the entrance lock named TUP.
1 x Support Container – Housed in a 20 foot standard freight container.

Specification for chamber pressure vessel and fittings.



The following section provides detailed information in the Table 3.3 provided in the section above.

Deck plates

The deck plates provided are removable.  They are manufactured from Aluminium diamond grid checker plate. This provides a rough surface to prevent slipping yet still maintaining a relatively easy surface to clean and maintain.The deck plates are bolted to frames attached to stainless steel mounting points that are permanently welded to the pressure vessel. The deck plates are rubber lined to reduce noise.

Sleeping bunks and tables

The sleeping bunks are created to optimally provide lying space for as many occupants as possible.  The enclosed sleeping area of the chamber lock can house 6 persons sleeping, 3 per side. The eating area can house 4 divers sleeping, 2 per side and should further accommodation be required, 2 persons can sleep on the deck plates.


The table area is designed to accept a medical stretcher for with clear access around it. The stretcher is stored in the living area under one of the bunks.

Sanitary facilities

The sanitary areas will be additionally fitted with a mirror, paper holder, and a towel bar.

Paint specification

The chambers are inspected for surface irregularities, thereafter the external is sand blasted to SA 2.5, primed and painted with a two part top coat aluminium primer. Two coats of primer are applied to the exterior. Where insulation is fitted no colour top coat is applied. Internal painting is completed where the surface is sand blasted to SA 2.5 and the surface is primed and two final colour coats are applied.


In order to avoid heat losses, the chamber is insulated with a 25mm thick Arma-flex insulation. The material is flame retardant and has excellent insulation properties. The insulation mats are chemically bonded onto the final paint system and all joints are sealed. Penetrators, view port bosses and standoffs are sealed using a stable filler/sealant. The chamber once completed is then covered in a stainless steel boiler cladding system, providing high impact strength and uniform covering of the vessels.

Man way doors

The man ways on the HRF are 610mm ID on the end of the chambers and the HRC mating point. The top transfer lock for the SPHL unit is 700mm ID. The intermediate man ways between compartments are fitted with two doors to permit independent, split-level pressurization of all compartments.

All man ways are fitted with O-rings seals. All doors are fitted with closing catches operated from both sides.  Hinges are all heavy duty steel construction with stainless steel wears surfaces.

All doors are designed to catch when swung open.  This prevents doors swinging shut or open when unsecured.

Service/medical lock

A service lock with an internal diameter of 300mm will be placed in the corner of each eating area. The medical lock is placed low down on the chamber shell to maintain the container external dimensions. A counter will be placed under the service lock for receiving food or equipment.

A single viewport is placed next to the service hatch, for the operators on the inside and outside of the vessel to be aware of each other’s actions, and increase efficiency around the process of putting items through the service hatch. A sound-powered phone or intercom will also be provided at each medical lock.

View ports

The view ports are strategically positioned on the chamber to provide maximum natural light into the chamber.  The view ports are flat disk type providing the safest design under high pressures. Viewing diameter is 200 mm throughout.

View ports are provided at each medical and equipment lock to confirm hand signals where required.  The view ports are protected with a Perspex cover plate on the exterior of the chamber. This provides excellent impact resistance to falling objects.


All shell penetrations are stainless steel 6000lbs full couplings. The 6000lbs coupling limits distortion due to welding and provides a longer life expectancy on the pressure vessel.  A number of spare penetrations are provided on the system.

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