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SBDH-400 Standby Divers’ Heater

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  • SBDH-400 Standby Divers’ Heater
SBDH 400 Standby Divers Heater

The SBDH-400 Standby Divers’ Heater provides a backup hot water supply. The unit comprises of a 400 Litre fresh water tank that is maintained at an adjustable set temperature by heater elements. In the case of failure of the main hot water supply, the operator can change to standby hot water by activating a 3–way change over valve and starting the Standby Divers Heater. The SBDH-400 can supply hot water for 8-10 minutes.

Heating Capacity: 12kW (2 off 6kW elements)
L x W x H: 1360 x 775 x 1660mm
Weight: 600kg (with boiler tank full)
Power Requirements: 20kW max, 440V, 60Hz, 32A
Water Delivery Rate: 50lpm (±5%) at 60Hz
Typical Outlet Temp Range: 0 to 60 deg C
Max. Operating Temp: 70 deg C
Water Supply: min 45lpm @ max. 40 bar
Water Storage Tank Volume: 400 Ltr
Duration of Standby Hot Water Supply: 8-10 min

Order Detail:

SBDH-400 Standby Divers Heater - 8 mins D-DH-092
Spares for SBDH D-DH-092-01


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