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1650PP, 2 Diver Portable Panel

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  • 1650PP, 2 Diver Portable Panel
1650PP, 2 Diver Portable Panel

The 1650 PP 2-diver air control panel is an IMCA D040 compliant portable divers' air control panel fitted in a durable Pelican Storm Case.

• Consists of 1 x HP inlet with a dedicated control regulator and 1 x LP inlet per diver
• Emergency cross-over valve and safety valves on air supply lines and Pneumo gauges
• Stainless Steel and Tungum Parker fittings
• Pressure Tech regulators
• AMCOM 2-Diver unit with battery back-up

Length: 802mm
Width: 520mm
Height: 316mm
Weight: +/-80kg
Divers Gas Supply: 2 x 6 JIC
HP Inlet Supply: 2 x 4 JIC
LP Supply: 2 x 6 JIC

Order Detail:

1650PP - 2 Diver Portable Panel:  D-DP-017 
O2 Analysers integrated into 1650PP: D-DP-017-01
Spares Kit for 1650PP Panel: D-DP-017-02
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