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1800 WPM, 3 Diver Mixed Gas Dive Control Panel - Panel Mount

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A compact IMCA DC37 compliant dive control panel. The panel allows the diving supervisor to individually control the primary and secondary air supply to each diver and to individually monitor the exact depth and dive time of each diver.

• 3 x depth gauges, mirror band with dual scale (0 – 100 MSW and 0-330 FSW) 0.25% accurate across full scale
• The diver’s gas supply is 6 JIC and 4 JIC for Pneumo supply
• Each diver has the following supply:
• LP gas supply with inlet ball valve, check valve, and indicating gauge. Fittings are 6 JIC
• 2 x separate regulated supplies with 2 independent sources per regulator
• LP oxygen supply with block and bleed function
• Safety valves are fitted to the Pneumo gas supply for protection of the diver’s gauge
• Gas analysis sample points are provided on each diver’s manifold
• Divers breathing pressure gauge is supplied on the diver’s manifold downstream of the valve and isolated by a dedicated valve
• Three oxygen analysers are supplied. Should one analyser fail the flexible supply pipe can be extended to reach any other analyser.
• Serviceable from the front side of the panel

Supplied as three segments, each with the following dimensions
Width: 1500mm
Height: 1200mm
Depth: 200mm
Weight: 180 kg
Divers Supply: 6-JIC
HP Inlets: 4 x 6-JIC 200 bar
LP Inlet: 1 x 4-JIC 24 Bar