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Hydra 501, Bell Heater

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  • Hydra 501, Bell Heater
Catalogue - D-BE - Bell Equipment

Looking for bell heating / cooling options? The Hydra 501 bell heater is a reliable and inexpensive solution.

Length: ± 520mm
Width: ± 310mm
Height: ± 280mm
Weight: ± 12.7kg
Operating Depth: up to 300 MSW
Gas Flow: 420 Ltr/min (actual)
Heating Capacity: 2.5kW
Power Requirements: 12/24VDC (current draw = 1 Amp at surface)
Electrical Connector: MCIL3F
Locking Sleeves: DLSA-F
Connection Size: 3/4" NPT Female Fitting

Order Detail:

Hydra 501 Bell Heater (12 VDC) D-HE-036
Hydra 501 Bell Heater (24VDC) D-HE-037
Hydra 501 Bell Heater Coil cw Gasket D-HE-036-01
HYDRA Bell Heater Fan, Centrifugal, 12VDC D-HE-036-02
HYDRA Bell Heater Fan, Centrifugal, 24VDC D-HE-037-01


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