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Diving & Life Support

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ICU 200, Chamber Internal conditioning unit

The internal conditioning unit is designed to provide temperature control, de-humidification control and carbon dioxide scrubbing functionality of the chamber space. Equipped with two 24VDC brushless fans, the ICU is able to split the temperature control and carbon dioxide scrubbing as independent functions.

• Available in either left hand or right hand orientation
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
• CO2 scrubbing, temperature control and de-humidification control all in one package
• Adjustable outlet minimises the stratification of temperature inside the chamber
• Fans have variable speed capability

Total Heating Capacity: 2000W
Cooling Capacity: 2000W
Scrubbing Canister Vol: 11 Ltr
Outlet Size: 4”
Electrical Current:
ICU 200: 1.2 Amps
ICU 200 HF: 7 Amps

Order Detail:

ICU 200 - Chamber Internal conditioning unit D-HE-038
ICU 200 - HF - Chamber Internal Conditioning Unit - High Flow D-HE-086
ICU 200 Scrubber Fan, Centrifugal, 24VDC D-HE-038-01
ICU 200 Temperature Control Fan, Potted, 24VDC D-HE-038-02
ICU 200 - HF - High Flow Temperature Control Fan, Potted 24 VDC D-HE-086-01
ICU 200 Temperature Coil Assembly D-HE-038-03
ICU 200 De-humidification Coil Assembly D-HE-038-04
ICU 200 Spare CO2 Canister D-HE-038-05
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