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HYDRA 7L, Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher With Bracket

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For use in Class A, B and electrical fires (24VDC). The discharge hose is designed to fit directly to the HP refill source. No special recharging adapters and regulators are required. Refill cartridges of AFFF are available.

Length: ± 540mm
Dia: ± 230mm
Weight: ± 8.8kg
Capacity: 4750ml water/250ml AFFF
Operating Depth: 300 MSW
Working Pressure: 124 bar

Order Detail:

Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher HYDRA 7L D-HE-040
Hydra 7L Firex Gauge, 0-160 bar, Bottom Entry D-HE-040-01
Hydra 7L Firex Discharge Hose Assembly for Discharge and Fil D-HE-040-02
Hydra 7L Fire Extinguisher- Trigger Assembly D-HE-040-03
Hydra 7L Firex Nozzle D-HE-040-04
Firex Refill Cartridge D-HE-040-05


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