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Diving & Life Support

Hydra, HP Filter 300 bar MWP

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Need a high flow, high filtration filter on your breathing air lines? The Hydra HP Filter 300 bar MWP is the solution; with 3/4" ports, a maximum working pressure of 300 bar and a flow rate of 60 m³/ min, this filter does the job.

Length: ± 225mm
Dia: ± 90mm
Weight: ± 5.8kg
Flow Rate: 60 m³/ min at 200 bar
Filtration: 15 microns
Connection Size: 3/4" NPT Male
Working Pressure: max 300 bar

Order Detail:

Hydra HP Filter, 300 bar MWP D-HE-041
Element for Hydra HP Filter D-HE-041-01
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