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HPP 200EH – Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU

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  • HPP 200EH – Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU
HPP 200EH – Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU

The HPP 200EH is a hydraulic tool power unit that features a horizontally mounted electric motor. The power pack features variable hydraulic flow rate of up to 68 litres per minute which makes it suitable to run virtually any form of hand held hydraulic tool including the complete range of Stanley hydraulic hand tools.

• Pressure compensated flow control valve for variable hydraulic flow
• 4-purpose built lifting points and 4 – point lifting sling
• Shell and tube water heat exchanger
• 200L oil tank capacity
• Variable flow axial piston pump
• Features an hour meter on the control box
• Low-oil level cut out

Gross mass: 830kg
Frame size: 1638mm x 1135mm x 726mm
Tank capacity: 200L
Hydraulic Oil: AW-68
Electric Motor: 30kW, 50/60Hz, 380-420V
IP Rating: IP55
Max Power: 30kW @ 50HZ, 36kW @ 60HZ
Pressure Relief Valve: Set at 140bar
Max Pressure: 250bar
Working Pressure: 140bar
Maximum Flow: 68L/min

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HPP 200EH, Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU - Horizontal D-ST-142
Spares for HPP200EH D-ST-142-01
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