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CH 18, Chipping Hammer

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  • CH 18, Chipping Hammer
Catalogue - D-ST - Sub-sea Tooling
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The Stanley CH18311 Chipper is a compact, hydraulic powered, underwater chipping hammer used for medium chipping of concrete, masonry and rock. The CH18 has a slide latch design tool bit retainer that will accept. .580 Hex shank, round collar tool bits.

• Ergonomic “D” handle with inside trigger
• Stainless Steel spool and fasteners
• Handle is Plastisol coated for diver comfort
• Uses standard .580 Hex shank, round collar tool bits
• High power to weight ratio
• Operates in any position
• Specifications:
• Steel Capacity: .580 Hex Shank, Round Collar Tool Bits
• Handle Type: “D” Handle, with Inside Trigger
• Circuit Type: Open Center
• Flow Range: 7-9gpm / 26-34lpm
• Optimum Flow: 8gpm / 30lpm
• Working Pressure: 1500 - 2000psi / 105-140bar
• Full Relief Setting: 2250psi / 155bar
• Weight (less tool bit): 18.2lbs / 8.2kg
• Length: 20" / 51cm
• Hydraulic Ports: -6 SAE O-ring
• Hose Whips: Yes (3 ⁄8" NPT Male thread)

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Chipping Hammer, Stanley, CH18 D-ST-158