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CS 06, Hydraulic Chain Saw

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  • CS 06, Hydraulic Chain Saw
CS 06, Hydraulic Chain Saw

The CS06 is a hydraulic powered chain saw for cutting all types of wood structures underwater - including bridge pilings, pier and dock timbers. It's compact design and high torque gear motor provides divers instant chain speed to cut through the toughest timbers with ease. The power to weight ratio is significantly higher than any other wood cutting chain saw and is available with bar lengths up to 20 inch (51cm).

• Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor produces high torque
• Direct drive motor - no chain coast when trigger is released
• Stainless Steel spool and fasteners
• Interlocking safety trigger and hand guard
• Low kick back bar and chain - standard
• Open Center/Closed Center-Dual Spool Feature
• Large assist handle
• Adjustable chain oiler
• Bucking cleat
• Wide flow range

Cut Capacity: 15" / 20" (38cm / 51cm). See ordering information
Chain Drive: Standard Floating Rim Sprocket & Wear Plates
Chain Type: 0.325" Pitch
Flow Range: 7-9gpm / 26-34lpm
Optimum Flow: 8gpm / 30lpm
Working Pressure: 1500 - 2000psi / 105-140bar
Full Relief Setting: 2250psi / 155bar
Motor Speed: 8gpm, 8540RPM
Chain Speed: 8gpm, 3238ft/min, 16.45m/sec
Weight (less bar/chain): 7.3lbs / 3.3kg
Length (less bar/chain): 14" / 36cm
Width: 9" / 23cm
Hydraulic Ports: -8 SAE O-ring
Connection Size and Type: 3 ⁄8" Male Pipe Adapter
Couplers: Yes
Hose Whips: Yes

Order Detail:  
Chain Saw, Stanley Tool U/W, 15" Hosewhips (01652) & Coupler, CS 06 D-ST-160


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