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SeaSerpent for Cable Laying

SeaSerpent for Cable Laying

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Seaflex SeaSerpent Overview

Perfected and Patented for Trouble-Free Cable Installation

SeaSerpent for Cable (Laying) is the safest, most effective and most flexible cable installation buoyancy system in the market – and is becoming the industry’s system of choice for installing cables in shallow water. Efficiently replacing multiple floats to support a submarine cable during installation in shallow water, the patented SeaSerpent buoyancy system is a continuous inflatable tube directly attached to the cable at 1 to 1.2 metre spacing intervals to suit the cable weight.

SeaSerpent support and control of the cable cannot be matched. Its key advantage is the operational flexibility it allows the installer; the easy launching procedure is followed by a progressive and controlled sinking sequence which can be started, slowed or reversed by simple surface control, without subsea intervention.

Unlike traditional solid floats, with the SeaSerpent it's easy to park the cable on the seabed during adverse tide or weather conditions and to re-float it when required. Unlike traditional methods, SeaSerpent even allows you to easily lift and reposition a cable to hit a trench. Sections of cable can also be towed to installation sites several kilometres from the launch point.

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