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KMDSI Helmets SL 27

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  • KMDSI Helmets SL 27
KMDSI Helmets SL 27

The SuperFlow 350 regulator used on the SuperLite-27 provides outstanding performance. It features a diver-adjustable system so that the regulator can be "tuned" during the dive according to your workload. This adjustment also allows you to set the regulator as the supply pressure varies, which is especially important when working with a low-pressure compressor. The Tri-Valve exhaust system helps to keep the breathing system exceptionally dry under all conditions, without increasing the breathing resistance of the helmet. In addition, the helmet is also equipped with a separate water dump valve which is mounted on the left side.

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KMDSI Helmet SL 27 w/MWP Connector (500-041) D-PD-345


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