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Nuvair Voyager IV, Nitrox Generator

  • Nuvair Voyager IV, Nitrox Generator
Catalogue - D-CP - Compressors

Nuvair Voyager IV, Nitrox Generator


The Nuvair Voyager IV compressor is a turn key Nitrox compressor package that integrates two compressors into an enclosed cabinet with large easy to remove access doors for maintenance. The cabinet reduces compressor noise and offers a control panel on the front for easy operation. The compressor is capable of processing Air or Nitrox with up to 40% Oxygen content. The compressor package, which features forklift pockets in the handling frame to make handling easier, can be installed in a dedicated compressor container or installed onboard a DSV.


Height: 70 inch (178cm)

Width: 68 inch (173cm)

Depth: 37 inch (94cm)

Weight: 1625 lbs (737kg)

Full Load Amps:

460V-E3-50 or 60 Hz, 51 A

400V-E3-50 or 60 Hz, 59 A

230V-E3-50 or 60 Hz, 102 A

230V-E1-50 or 60 Hz, N/A

Capacity @ 175 psi Pump:

59 CFM (1670 L/min.) RVK 20 for LP Compressor


20 hp (15kW) for LP Compressor

15 hp (11kW) for HP Compressor

F.A.D for 21%-40% O2:

17 CFM (481lpm) for HP Compressor


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