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2 Diver Hat Light & Camera Controller

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  •  2 Diver Hat Light & Camera Controller
2 Diver Hat Light and Camera Controller

The Diver’s Hat Light and Camera Controller is designed to power 2 x Diver’s Cameras and 2 x Hat lights. Each output is powered by a dedicated switch mode power supply providing galvanic isolation between the supply and outputs, and individual outputs. This Rack complies with the requirements set out in IMCA, ABS and DNV.

• Hat Light voltage is adjustable form 12Vdc to 28Vdc
• Hat Lights are protected against short-circuits and overload
• Over temp indication
• Over current indication

Power Source: 110 – 220Vac 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 3.5A/110Vac 2.2/220Vac
Camera Voltage: 24Vdc
Camera Current: 2.5A
Hat Light Voltage: 12-28Vdc (Adjustable)
Hat Light Current: 2A Max
Width: 483mm
Height: 88mm
Depth: 335mm
Weight: +-5kg

Order Detail:

2 Diver Hat Light & Camera Controller D-EE-196


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